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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Are both of you guys off your meds?
I attacked old people? Your both so full of **** your eyes are brown!

I attacked the data because it sounded fishy to me.
A bunch of so called geeks & most of them don't want or don't know what HDM is, sounds like BS to me.

I bet neither of you actually read or understood my post that you are both attacking.
Please try to find someone with more than a 1st grade education to read it back to you so you can see just how wrong you both are.
This is the entire post you are both flaming,

I'm sorry but in what kind of "geek infested" site does 67.7% of the poll respondents either not need HD or not even know what it is??
That sounds to me like a bunch of die hard hd-dvd fanboys tilting a poll.
That sounds more like the response you get from polling a nursing home not a geek site!!

The only way it's the end of the discussion is to those hardcore hd-dvd guys that are bitter they lost the war.

4 sentences that neither of you read or understood!
Attacking old people? please! get a clue.

Go ahead & spin it any way you like, your just making yourselves look like fools.
I'm sure you both think yours is the only opinion that matters & anyone that disagrees with you must be a troll but seriously you both need to get a life & move on, the war is over!

Your words speak volumes about you.

I teach a few business courses in addition to consulting.

Unfortunately, most students today come out of the secondary school system with incredibly poor writing skills. And I tell them, when you are working for a large company, you will have to write reports, you will have to write project updates, and you will have to write personnel reviews if you have any direct reports working for you.

I really emphasize with my students is how critical it is for one's corporate success to be able to communicate well, both verbally, and even more importantly, communicate well in writing.

And depending on the size of your company and your corporate structure, much of what you write may be read by senior execs within the company who have never actually met you and have never actually spoken with you, either. So they know squat about you.

These senior execs will form their first impression of you from how well you write and express yourself in the reports, etc. you have written. And first impressions are lasting impressions in the corporate world.

I have seen great writers and terrible managers with horrible people skills sky-rocket up the corporate ladder.

And I've seen people who are great managers with terrific people skills plummet down the corporate latter, get demoted, or even become redundant (fired) because they are poor writers.

Why? The senior execs form their impressions of managers they've never actually met, all from how they present themselves in writing. One's writing skills in today's corporate world go a long way in determining whether you become a rising corporate super-star or a sinking corporate nobody.

Just like everyone here has now formed impressions about those of us who have been active in this thread.

BTW, I just read David Pogue's article that is reprinted above, and I disagree with him. He probably doesn't yet know that Verizon has run out of FiOS boxes because demand for their fibre-to-the-home product is so strong in their service areas. And they are the largest local telephone company in the US. In fact, Verizon has almost as many customers as did the old AT&T before the DOJ dismantled AT&T.

Verizon is now in the unenviable position of now have to tell customers there is going to be somewhat of a wait before they can get their broadband and video services.

I respect David as a fellow writer, but in this instance I respectfully disagree with his viewpoint regarding Broadband: I think Broadband penetration is going to accelerate, exponentially, except in sparsely populated rural areas.

But these rural areas could be served by 3G and 4G carriers if the customers are willing to pay higher prices for slower access.

Case in point: At our summer home in the mountains, we pay $45/month for 1.5 MB wireless broadband. There are no other alternatives, except for a more expensive and slower DBS downlink with a dial-up uplink. At home number two, we're paying Embarq about half this rate for significantly faster access.

And I believe HD downloads will make all forms of DVD redundant and DVD sales will probably peak in 2009 or 2010, I really think it will be all downhill, at least in the US market, after 2010 for DVD physical media sales. The people who download iTunes and other electronic media to their iPods and MP3 players are a significantly larger customer base than those of us who participate in this forum.

The marketplace will follow the money, and the money is with the majority who download their music now, not the minority of us who still purchase physical media. Ultimately, Blue Ray will be to DVD was was SACD and DVD-A was to Redbook CD's. And we all know CD sales have tanked due to downloads, and they will never recover.

Let's end this for now and rekindle this discussion in 2010.
"The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do."
Samuel P. Huntington
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