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Lightbulb Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by gstarr View Post
No doubt, Blu Ray will never be as big as DVD's. But it will be quite big. Sure, it might not be big with the under 30 crowd, except when they get Blu Ray drives in their computers. But the largest demographic in the US are baby boomers and they mostly own (or will shortly) HDTV's and will buy large quantities of Blu Ray players. Parents will buy them. They will even be offered eventually in SUV's and the like for back seat watching.

Equating audio with video purchases is incorrect. Evolutionarily, the ears were never as acute as the eyes. Anyone that can't see the difference between good upconverted dvd's and Hi-Def 1080p content on a good HDTV has either bad eyes, doesn't care, or is still so angry over HD that they will give no quarter.

Maybe when most of America has fiber optics going directly to their house or apartment to deliver Hi-Def video in relatively quick time Blu Ray will lose sales and gradually disappear. But that day, except for the few millions that live in major cities, is years away. And quite a few years.

Geeks and the under 30 set never made VHS popular or dvds. They were far too expensive when they first came out. It was anumber of years before VHS was under $300. Same is true with dvd players.

When BD gets to PC's???!!! Already there. I can rip to my drive - I don't have to use PowerDVD if I don't want to - Media Player 11 plays ripped content (learned this trick the other night). I don't care about special features, commentaries, ect. I would be alright with BD and just a 7.1 LPCM audio track...thats it! I'm over 40 but still considered a GenX'r.

I'm just the opposite - my ear's are much more acute than my eyes (I'm nearsighted - almost blind without my glasses). My hearing, however, is pretty good, not as good as when I was 22 (blame the Navy for that) but its still pretty good compared to most people.

Geeks are changing things - sales are begining to run by volume and convinence. I said in another post that convergence is the word for 2008 - read this article couldn't post this on the Bluray board because people get too defensive. The point I would be making is the word "convergence" being used in the article as a point to be made. CompTIA merging with CEA to form the DHTI+ certification (which I am now working on). It covers skills and knowledge needed to bring home technologies onto a single PC network across the latest versions of vendor software packages. I'm excited because I'm getting ready to possibly make the most money in my life!!!

People can be like the Swiss Watch corporation and not see the paradigm shift - but I plan to be like Texas Instruments and get in on the ground floor and ride this wave till it breaks!

Remember this word "C-O-N-V-E-R-G-E-N-C-E", coming to home, workspace, dinning facility, ect. near you.
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