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Default I find it funny...


What I am about to say is bound to strike a nerve with many posters on this site and I do not write this message with ill intent, that being said feel free to unleash the fury upon me should you disagree with the following statements.

I recently received a communication from a former forum poster demanding an apology to not only him but to all of you on this forum for my blatant support of HD DVD and for censoring those who supported Blu-ray. The message went on to say how biased I am and that the magazine that I help run with Jerry, Bryan, Ken, Scott and others has "lost its way" and that we shall forever be branded as pawns and shills to the highest bidder. This so-called judgement as already been passed, in the eyes of one poster, and will be communicated to other journalists and forums the net over. That last part made me laugh a little. Okay a lot.

So here is my apology...

I, Andrew Robinson, apologize for helping to create a venue for people to talk openly about their hobbies, thoughts, ideals, frustrations, concerns and enjoyment. I apologize for spending countless hours of my own time (this magazine and forum is not my full time job) listening to readers, consulting with them, helping them through this endless maze we call home theater and for generating content month after month that all of you seem to enjoy. I apologize for purchasing four HD DVD players and three Blu-ray players and countless discs. I apologize for spending upwards of a thousand dollars every month to stay current on the latest trends and happenings. But above all, I apologize for not giving a damn about this format war either way for no matter what the outcome I was equally vested and equally screwed. Oh, and I apologize for taking up all of your time with this apology.

However, I will not apologize for banning those who demand apologies based on them being "right" and me being "wrong". For those of you who supported Blu-ray I ask you, beyond making a solid investment and not having to purchase another player, what did you win? Seriously, is Sony going to send you the Blu-ray equivalent of the Stanley Cup to your home for you to enjoy for a week? Do you get a "thanks for buying Blu-ray bonus?" No. What did you win? To those of you who bought HD DVD's what did you loose? Did/do you not enjoy your HD DVD player? Both sides purchased the players that fit their needs and budget and made the best decision with the info they had at the time and that's that. Because HD DVD has now bowed out has your enjoyment of the format lessened? Sure you may not get any new discs in the future but that doesn't rob you of enjoying what you have or being able to enjoy standard definition discs with improved quality, does it?

This is what I don't like about this whole discourse. It's never been about enjoying anything, it's been about who's right and who's wrong and frankly no one is right and no one is wrong. This whole debacle could have just as easily gone the other way. You are all well informed consumers who made a decision and now people who made the "other" decision are trying to say you're wrong or worse stupid. That's not a hobby I wish to be involved in and I'm sure many of you feel the same way. I don't call vinyl enthusiasts morons just because I don't own a turntable. That's their bag and they're entitled to it and good show to them. So long as more than one person supports a particular area of home theater/audio I'm going to be interested in it and willing to talk about it even if I do not partake in it myself. That is my commitment to the hobby as well as to you.

This poster went on to say that AVRev has "lost its way". I whole heartedly disagree. I personally believe we've never been more relevant than we are today and my biggest argument for that statement are the threads in this forum. My supporting argument are the numerous feature reviews we run each and every month relating to Blu-ray, HD DVD, LCD TV's, Plasmas on down to Power Conditioners. I can assure you as the months progress our reach will become even more vast and accessible as we prepare for the next chapter in AVRev's evolution.

Frankly, I'm tired of this whole debate, this back and forth and mud slinging. I get upwards of two dozen messages a day of grown men and women not being able to resolve their differences over a stupid piece of plastic. Seriously, you'd swear we were arguing over peace in the Middle East. I love that you all are passionate and I share your passion however please don't misplace it and become angry like the gentleman who wrote me the e-mail did. Please keep it all in perspective. At the end of the day, Blu-ray's "victory" is but a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things and whether you felt burned or vindicated will matter little in the months ahead when some new format comes along and the arguments start all over again. So I say, enjoy yourselves, enjoy one another and don't be like this guy who felt the need to flood my inbox with hate mail.

Man, I must sound like a broken record.
Andrew Robinson

Managing Editor
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