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Question For HD TV & Sports viewing: 720p or 1080p?

I'm a first time poster here, so I'm wet behind the ears and almost certainly short-sighted. That said, I'm finishing my basement and trying to figure out which HD Projector is the best fit for the family. My screen size will likely be 100"-110", and one small window (half moon in the door) in the room can be completely covered to block out any light.

Our primary viewing will likely be TV shows and sporting events (e.g. NCAA hoops, NFL, NASCAR) with a movie every week or so, and a game system in the future (likely the Wii). So I would love some viewpoints on what would be my better choice.

Multiple A/V reviews from varying sources have me leaning towards two Panasonic products:

720p: PT-AX200U
1080p: PT-AE2000U

I could ramble on with more info, but just looking for your insights. Cost is not an issue, but the $1,400 difference could definitely be applied to other parts of my future system (receiver, speakers, etc).

Thanks in advance for your help.
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