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Angry Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
I have to mention that you guys are all out of order. And that comment about your eyes being brown, is totally disrespectful based on the rules on this forum.

I really do not understand these personal attacks. That is not why this forum was created.

And you dishonor Jerry and his staff each and everytime you do it.
His original post attacking me & calling me names (also against the rules of this forum) was reported & nothing was done, he attacked me again & then Lotus piled on.
You are a mod, you should have at least told Vinyl Rules! that his attack was against forum rules & told him it was unacceptable.
My original response was quite civil but when no action was taken to his attack by the mods & he attacked me again & said I was attacking old people I defended myself.

If you have a problem with me fine, let me know in a PM & I'll leave but if you mods are going to allow attacks like that without doing anything about it don't expect me to sit around & take abuse from these guys for no reason without striking back.

If someone disagrees with me fine, there are ways to do that without name calling & flaming.
Challenge my facts, disagree with my opinions, that's fine, I don't have a problem with that, but when I'm personally attacked & do the right thing by reporting it & nothing is done about it I will defend myself.

I understand you guys like controversy, it brings in new members, but those guys never stick around & contribute, where have all the die hard hd-dvd guys that showed up in the heat of the battle gone since the war was ended?

The war is over & it's time to clean house & bring this back to a place where people can discuss home theater & not have to fend off attacks from egotistical blow hards that refuse to understand that theirs is not the only opinion!
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