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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

"DVD appears "good enough," for a lot of people. This is a far more serious problem than overcoming a "format war," for BD's future"

I agree with you--for quite a few people "good enough" IS "good enough". This is particularly true with tv shows and less so with movies.

With Netflix, Walmart, and Blockbuster offering Blu Ray on rentals I expect the demand to gradually increase for the next year or two, until it reaches a critical mass and becomes apparent to many people renting their movies that there is a big difference between the audio and video on these dics compared to standard dvd's. With the rental price being about $1 more, who wouldn't want the much better disc if they have a 1080p HDTV--and even more so if they have a surround sound system.

I think that the online movie and game rental services will drive the success of Blu Ray far more than just PlayStation. When people see the very significant improvement on their 1080p HDTV's, paying a buck more for a movie will seem like a pittance.

I may be wrong, but I think it will be the over 30 crowd that drives this format. Then again, I'm not a "gamer", so I can't say how large the effect this will have on buying or renting the discs. But I would think that a "gamer" who owns a PS3 certainly wouldn't mind renting a disc at a buck more.

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