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Default Re: Samsung Sued Over Blu-ray Players That Won't Play All Discs

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
BD players are grossly unreliable. I'd say about 10% of all BD players manufactured are "screwy," and firmware updates be damned, they just will never work properly. The rest need the firmware updates. Some units are more screwy than the others (The Samsung BD1200 for instance).
Well, I still own my BDP-1200 and since it's last firmware update when Pirates came out, it has played everything perfectly. I think the firmware update thing has really settled down a lot and any player should be functional with the current firmware.

FWIW We have heard of players being screwy and dying from the HD DVD camp as well.

All my Blu-ray players work all the time, so I am losing belief in the argument of unreliability.
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