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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by AudAdv View Post
Vinyl, you are just as much a troll in this case as anyone. You didn't even do Moose the courtesy of reading his post thoroughly enough to understand it before unleashing an exceedingly long rant/rebuttal.
While I agree that Vinyl's response was totally uncalled for to the majority of users here, it is what Moose asked for. You just don't attack data, old people, etc. and not expect a response.

Rather than seriousl discussing the data provided by Vinyl he attacked it.

Polls by NPD state that most HDTV owners have no plans of ever investing in BD or HD-DVD.

Vinyl quotes a poll of "computer geeks," who also share the same attitude but at a smaller percentage. Still the majority had no plans.

DVD appears "good enough," for a lot of people. This is a far more serious problem than overcoming a "format war," for BD's future.
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