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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

No doubt, Blu Ray will never be as big as DVD's. But it will be quite big. Sure, it might not be big with the under 30 crowd, except when they get Blu Ray drives in their computers. But the largest demographic in the US are baby boomers and they mostly own (or will shortly) HDTV's and will buy large quantities of Blu Ray players. Parents will buy them. They will even be offered eventually in SUV's and the like for back seat watching.

Equating audio with video purchases is incorrect. Evolutionarily, the ears were never as acute as the eyes. Anyone that can't see the difference between good upconverted dvd's and Hi-Def 1080p content on a good HDTV has either bad eyes, doesn't care, or is still so angry over HD that they will give no quarter.

Maybe when most of America has fiber optics going directly to their house or apartment to deliver Hi-Def video in relatively quick time Blu Ray will lose sales and gradually disappear. But that day, except for the few millions that live in major cities, is years away. And quite a few years.

Geeks and the under 30 set never made VHS popular or dvds. They were far too expensive when they first came out. It was anumber of years before VHS was under $300. Same is true with dvd players.

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