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Default Re: EA bets PS3 will best Xbox 360 sales in 2008

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
I'm looking for a big sales boost in the next couple of months as hd-dvd people start buying PS3's for Blu-Ray.
I don't know about that. There were only like 250,000 XBOX users with the addon. Plus there are only 1M HD-DVD owners.

Plus GDC was slammed with games that flat out blew away the PS3 showings. Gears of War 2 for instance is going to fully show off the power of the 360 graphically which is something we haven't really seen yet. The stuff they showed at GDC was stunning and actual in game play.

PS3 has far superior physics capablities and they need to seriously start taking advantage of it. Right now they're not, and it looks like the 360 is finally about to show off it's graphical power.
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