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Default Re: The Download Dilema

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
Well I expect Blu-Ray to have more than a 5 year life span!
First off it is Sony that has a stake in it & with the PS3 games required to be on Blu-Ray there will be support for it for quite a while IMO.

If people think J6P doesn't understand HDM what makes anyone think that he will embrace downloads?
I don't see J6P paying $399.99 (circuit City price 160G) for an Apple TV & then renting movies on it.
I sure don't see him downloading them on his computer & streaming them to his TV!

This is just me but I like collecting discs, on rainy or snowy days when there is nothing to do outside I can pick a movie & watch it, I can take it to work & watch it there, or a friends house if that suits me.
Now that said if they do get 1080p movies with lossless audio I probably will buy an Apple TV because there are some movies I want to see but don't need in my collection but I don't see it replacing DVDs or Blu-Ray, I can see it replacing Blockbuster & Netflix though but your going to have to change the part where it self destructs a month after you rent it even if you haven't watched it or in 24 hours after you start watching it even if you didn't have a chance to watch all of it and I want it released day & date with physical media!

I may be naive but thats just my opinion.

Samsung has an $99 version of "XBOX LIVE MARKETPLACE," that is supposed to come out this summer. Basically its a Box for your TV that allows you to download all the LIVE movies in up to 720p.

I also know Samsung is planning on building these units into their TVs for 2009.

If MS nabs VIZIO and other popular TV manufacturers with it, it will catch on.

Space isn't important with these units you buy once, and can re-download whenever you want.
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