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Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I will bring it up when I see Gus.

I come from the install world (like Middle Atlantic Racks) thus I am just learning about the world of performance racks.
I am currently using a Middle Atlantic rack. It seems a bit to flimsy for my components. I think it's possible that my dealer/installer built it incorrectly. I have noticed that it has not kept its dimension. Shelves I have on top are too wide to swap with those in the middle or on bottom. I am still trying to decided how to proceed.

I can either just dump it (which is hard because I would be throwing away $2k), and start over or try and fight the battle with my dealer/installer to rebuild it. I would probably need to get a rep. from Middle Atlantic involved. I originally had the model that slid out on rails, but really did not like the access time required to get into equipment or the way it fit into the closet, so I traded it out for one on casters which is much easier to maneuver.

Also, Halcro showed me that a custom shelf is made for my SSP-200 to fit in the Middle Atlantic, which would have been nice to know when I bought the rack. So, that is another reason to try any salvage it.

Do you know someone at Middle Atlantic to talk to about this?

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