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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

You have heard about spending good money after bad right?

I have had both formats since day one (well, maybe day 10 but not much more on either front) and even I have not bought any HD DVD's since Warner dropped out.

You are getting HD for a song, and that is good, but you are also buying an obsolete product and one that certainly will be non-existent in a year tops. All those cheap titles will be useless when your player dies, and if you've been following the forums, you know all these new format players are suspect at best.

While I am glad you got a HD disc player for your system, I seriously think you need to reconsider your logic.

Realize those HD DVD's will soon be the Beta's of the world and you won't be able to give them away soon. Add to that the fact all future titles will only be coming out on Blu-ray and you WILL end up buying a BLu-ray player in the future, only adding to your total cost.

Think about it, when Beta died, what did those who bought up all those cheap Beta players and tapes do with them??? DOes door stop sound familiar?

I really do not mean to sound rude, and I apologize if my reply has sounded that way, but you must be made to see the futility of your system and that frankly it just doesn't add up.

Five free HD DVD's and even as many as you might buy at 50% off will never keep you interested when you WANT to see any new releases in the future.
You seem to forget with an HD DVD player you can still play regular DVDs. You were just screwed with a Beta player. Most people that do not want to spend $200+ on a player of any kind can now at least have the option of up-converting their DVDs to "HD" with an HD DVD player to get more out of their new "HD" capable TV. Also, they can purchase the soon to be bargain basement priced HD DVDs and (maybe) see why HD media is so popular.
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