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Originally Posted by eric View Post
I got the Yamaha dsp-z11 on demo and it is the best I have heard for home cinema. It is so good I have sold my meridian processor and 3 power amps to get the Yamaha it blew my meridian system away for home cinema but not as good for music but not that far away. The Yamaha sounds better when you bi- amp the front 2 speakers I only use 5.1 room not big enough for 7.1 or 11.2. I have not bought the Yamaha yet the. new denon avc-h1HD is coming out next week. The new pioneer is coming out in a couple of months. So I would like to listen to them as well.I donít know if the denon or pioneer will be as good. But I do know this the Yamaha Knox the socks of the meridian for home cinema.what do you guys think?
It makes me wonder what kind of room you have the gear in. Because I've heard both set ups and I know the Meridian sounds better even in home cinema.
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