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Default Re: Are servers the new media?

Originally Posted by bekbob View Post
I'd really, really, really like to try a lossless format such as wmv or apple lossless. But I take my music in my car and on my iPods all the time. I have a fantastic JVC deck in the car that will take a DVD full of mp3s, or even on a USB key. I don't want to have to downsample every time I take my files to go. It'd be perfect if some ripping program out there would rip to two files at once, a lossless and a lossy.
While I don't know of any software that rips to two different formats, I have found sometimes my Mac will rip to two logged on users SOMETIMES, but it's not perfect.

I would highly recommend you immediately stop ripping in anything lossy.


Once you have the lossless files (I used AIFF) you can use iTunes to convert all them to a separate library as any compression scheme you want overnight. Then you'll have the highest quality rips for anything you might want to do with them in the future and can easily make them fit onto MP3 discs or for your iPod.

Once I too ripped all my discs in @ 192k, then once I realized the error of my ways I only rip them once in AIFF and let the computer batch process them to MP3 or AAC periodically.
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