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Cool Re: The Download Dilema

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
Someone said they expect Blu-ray to have a life expectancy of five years. I don't believe it has that long personally. This download idea is where it is at and for better or worse, stodgy old ideals or not, we all better jump aboard.
Well I expect Blu-Ray to have more than a 5 year life span!
First off it is Sony that has a stake in it & with the PS3 games required to be on Blu-Ray there will be support for it for quite a while IMO.

If people think J6P doesn't understand HDM what makes anyone think that he will embrace downloads?
I don't see J6P paying $399.99 (circuit City price 160G) for an Apple TV & then renting movies on it.
I sure don't see him downloading them on his computer & streaming them to his TV!

This is just me but I like collecting discs, on rainy or snowy days when there is nothing to do outside I can pick a movie & watch it, I can take it to work & watch it there, or a friends house if that suits me.
Now that said if they do get 1080p movies with lossless audio I probably will buy an Apple TV because there are some movies I want to see but don't need in my collection but I don't see it replacing DVDs or Blu-Ray, I can see it replacing Blockbuster & Netflix though but your going to have to change the part where it self destructs a month after you rent it even if you haven't watched it or in 24 hours after you start watching it even if you didn't have a chance to watch all of it and I want it released day & date with physical media!

I may be naive but thats just my opinion.
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