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I believe calling me "an illiterate troll" is uncalled for, out of line & against forum rules.

Hopefully with the format war being over these people will start to calm down a bit, I know I'm sure getting tired of people with this kind of attitude!
Post: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot
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Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
I'm sorry but in what kind of "geek infested" site does 67.7% of the poll respondents either not need HD or not even know what it is??
That sounds to me like a bunch of die hard hd-dvd fanboys tilting a poll.
That sounds more like the response you get from polling a nursing home not a geek site!!

The only way it's the end of the discussion is to those hardcore hd-dvd guys that are bitter they lost the war.

You are showing yourself to be an illiterate troll.

67.7% DID NOT say they did not know what HD was.

I suspect the burr under your butt is that the majority of them simply didn't care about hi-red DVD.

And, if you will carefully re-read the numbers in the table, you will see the following:

10.3% - What's HD DVD?

Even a middle-schooler would be able to calculate this means that 89.7% had some awareness of HD-DVD

And if you will again re-read the numbers, you will see that more of the geeks owned Blue Ray than HD-DVD.

If you want to come after me, fine.

But get your facts correct.

And personally, I don't own either format. I am a certified geek and I chose to sit this one out. I have a 42" 720p plasma display and my $170 Oppo looks just as good as the Blue Rays and HD-DVD's I've seen on friends 42" displays. So tell me, why would I pay more for a very slight increase in the video quality that can only be seen on a larger screen? We geeks tend to be practical, not foolish.

Nor do we generally engage in oneupmanship, except with those inhabiting lower gene pools.

And when I want a DVD, I don't have to pay $30+ for it or wait for someone to offer a BOGO on hi-rez DVDs. Oh, and do you really think there are going to be any more BOGO's on Blue Rays now that Toshiba folded?

If you're going to troll, please limit your trolling to the two-digit IQ pool.
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