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Default Re: The Download Dilema

I would hardly classify Job's implementation of iTunes as ruining the music industry. Yes, he's guilty of lowering the sound quality bar however, because of iTunes, access to music and interest in said music has grown and continues to get stronger. Sure you can do better quality rips but most people don't critically listen to music so much as they just have it "on" for enjoyment. For a large portion of the population iTunes is perfect and that is who Jobs is tapped into. We forget that we are a small percentage that tries to dictate how others should care/listen/feel about their music. Listening to music and the experience one gets from it is subjective at best and largely dependent upon the individual, which is why I can never bring myself to pass judgement upon anyone who may think that 128 or 256K downloads are acceptable, because who am I to tell them what to think or feel. While those resolutions may not work for me they clearly work for others for it's about quantity and convenience over quality. Jerry you sound like a bitter old audiophile.

As for downloadable movies, the AppleTV take 2 is leaps and bounds better than the previous incarnation and frankly, with its 1080p output capability it's only a matter of time before the 720p bar gets raised. However, I have now watched several 720p downloads or rentals and have found the quality both in picture and sound to be rather exceptional considering. It's truly not bad. Plus, I downloaded them without having to go to my computer and they began playing in under two minutes which is more than I can say for my HD players. Netflix's play on demand via your computer doesn't even come close to touching what I can do via an AppleTV or iTunes today. Will it get there? You bet, but don't expect Jobs to rest on his laurels either.

Someone said they expect Blu-ray to have a life expectancy of five years. I don't believe it has that long personally. This download idea is where it is at and for better or worse, stodgy old ideals or not, we all better jump aboard.
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