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Carver's whitepapers on amplifier and speaker design make for interesting reading too. I share your concern for support of his legacy products. I'm currently very satisfied with my amp (I would even consider buying another one just like it for additional channels of amplification), and can make do with my A/V preamp for now, but I know eventually the amp like everything else made by man, will suffer failure, and the A/V preamp is actually already sorely out of date, and will require replacement with something more current, especially given the processing and throughput requirements for the latest version of digital multimedia.

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The funny thing is he gets into trouble after designing main speakers - AL-III Ribbons, The new Sunfire ribbons ect. I love this guy and will always follow his technology - believe it or not, I do have a original Carver C-9 with rack mounts in my system. I've sold two before and always wind up buying another - I decided to never sell my last one. This constant moving is bad on support however.
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