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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by goldear View Post
Kenny...BTW, the Panny BD30 that I said I was looking at for "new" between $360-$380 just a couple weeks ago ($449 just as recently as yesterday at Amazon), is now at $698 tonite (5 used/new for $549). In fact, I thought I recalled the retail on this only being listed as $599. In a matter of a few weeks they've added over $300 to this player--and these are suppposedly the low price finds. They better wise up.
You understand that sale prices don't last forever don't you?
You should also understand Panasonic isn't the only company that builds Blu-Ray players.
A quick scan of Amazon showed 3 1080p players for $378-$348 & several more under $300 used/new.

Rumor has it Wal-Mart will soon have sub $300 Blu-Ray players from China & Oppo a maker of high quality low priced upconverting DVD players is also building a Blu-Ray player.

Like Kenny said buying your first hd-dvd player now just isn't a good thing to do.
I can see someone with a large collection of hd-dvd's to buy a cheap player for back up & maybe some movies when they drop down to single digit prices but getting in to hd-dvd now just isn't a fiscally sound decision.
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