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Default Re: Geeks Indifferent to Hi-Rez DVD [Was: Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long S

Originally Posted by Vinyl Rules! View Post

Not to pile on, but from ComputerWorld, another of those sites "infested" with Geeks who generally determine what becomes successful in the marketplace:

From ComputerWorld 2/20/08

The Poll of the Week: Will the demise of HD DVD push you to buy a Blu-ray hi-def player?

13.2% - I win! I bought Blu-ray already.

10.3% - Too late, I bought HD DVD and I'm stuck.

8.8% - No, I'm waiting for hi-def downloads.

57.4% - No, I don't need a hi-def DVD player.

10.3% - What's HD DVD?

This poll is consistent with the poll: Almost 2/3 of the respondents don't care about hi-rez DVD's or they are going to wait for the HD downloads.

Blue Ray will always be remembered for winning the battle but losing the war.

End of discussion and end of this thread.
I'm sorry but in what kind of "geek infested" site does 67.7% of the poll respondents either not need HD or not even know what it is??
That sounds to me like a bunch of die hard hd-dvd fanboys tilting a poll.
That sounds more like the response you get from polling a nursing home not a geek site!!

The only way it's the end of the discussion is to those hardcore hd-dvd guys that are bitter they lost the war.
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