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Cool Oppo to build Blu-Ray player

From Engadget

Oppo next to create a new Blu-ray player

Oppo fans left on the HD format sidelines can rejoice, as word comes that the company will add a Blu-ray player to its well-received line of DVD upscalers. According to the VP of product development, the company is "very early" in their development cycle, and we should expect more details sometime this summer. While sooner would definitely be better than later, we can't argue with a timeline that leads us to expect nothing less than a fully featured BD Live compatible player from a company with a reputation for delivering more bang for the buck.

Oppo upconverting DVD players have received great reviews & had great prices so hopefully their Blu-Ray player will be inexpensive & good preforming.
Since it won't be out till summer perhaps it'll be a profile 2.0.
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