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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by goldear View Post
Ken, I understand what you are saying (I should note all this happened a couple weeks back before the official announcement). That being said, I just don't see BD going any further, either...and if I want to at least take advantage of the technology, HD gives me more hard/software for my money at this time.

If BD survives, I only see it as a niche like LD. If we didn't get converts to High Rez A/V at the prices in the HD camp, what makes you think we're going to get more with the higher prices in the BD camp? Most people are satisifed with SD-DVD...and sadly those who aren't will be looking for downloads.

I never expected any of these technologies to last too long anyhow (neither will probably be here in five years); heck, I upgrade my SSPs on a more regular basis. But at least I can take advantage of this technology knowing I didn't spend alot. Just looking at these new polls doesn't bode well for the future. I just hope BD uses some common sense and takes advantage of this opening.
Newegg just dropped BD drive prices to $139 down from 189.00 when I bought mine - thats a $50.00 in a matter of months (bought mine in November if I'm correct or even December). The computer world has the right ideal - I've posted this on the Bluray forum - I believe BD will not die but transform into something else (pun intended with Transformers) But its the format that will remain - not the disc if you get what I mean. I said this on the forum - I believe that all physical media has a life of about 5 to 6 years now (see my thread - Download Dilema). That's why I opted to go PC with BD - my PC is always my test bed for new tech. If AMC made a nice BD I might buy it - with an 8 channel analog tube output stage - I'd work a second job for two months to get it then quit
When they discount HD-DVD's yes I will buy titles that I do not already have on DVD. I'm looking at this thing down the road and trying to be prepaired for whats next - while not wasting alot of money on what's now. Spent a total of $287.00 combined for hardware on both formats. I think I'm in a win win situation.
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