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Default Re: Are servers the new media?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
When you ripped all that music, what did you rip it as?
When I first ripped them all those years ago, I did it as 193 kb /mp3. That was the best price / quality ratio at the time. Over the last few years though I've still been buying CD / DVD-A / SACDs. I'd like to rip the new remasters I have such as the Elton John SACDs, The Police SACDs, The Talking Heads CD-DVD-A box, R.E.M. CD-DVD-As, Depeche MOde SACD remasters and so on.

I'd really, really, really like to try a lossless format such as wmv or apple lossless. But I take my music in my car and on my iPods all the time. I have a fantastic JVC deck in the car that will take a DVD full of mp3s, or even on a USB key. I don't want to have to downsample every time I take my files to go. It'd be perfect if some ripping program out there would rip to two files at once, a lossless and a lossy.

I wouldn't mind too much going with Apple lossless, then I could still take things on my iPod. And the car deck has an iPod interface. But then I don't think that the Windows Media Center will see the files.

I do have the files backed up a few times on external hard drives that just sit there not plugged in.

But I think sometime this year I'd like to get all the old CD's out of the basement, take out the duplicates that I now have as remasters, and rip the whole lot once more in lossless.

Sounds like a project is brewing.

On an semi-related note. Was downtown at my local stereo boutique earlier this evening. They have a speaker sale on until the end on the month, bring in any old pair for $100 off a new pair (that are $300 or more). I saw a few nice PSBs that I'd love to have in my basement. I have a PSB sub on the third floor right now that I would highly recommend.
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