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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

I was all set to jump on the BD bandwagon a couple weeks back when Warner decided to drop HD-DVD. I had been checking the price of players and decided I was finally going to go with the Panny BD30, which at the time, was listing between $360-$380 (Frys and Amazon). The next day when I went to order, I noticed the price jumped to $449. Deciding to wait a little longer--and as days turned into weeks, I realize that instead of the prices coming back down, they were still going at $469 (and it wasn't just the Panasonics).

This really disappointed me since I thought with the Warner announcment, Blu-Ray might make a good business decision and lure prospective HD customers over by lowering some of the prices on their players. Instead, they did just the opposite, increasing their prices and forcing me to wait on the fence a little longer. Ironically, having picked up an Onkyo PR-SC885 with the new built-in decoders I just couldn't wait any longer and I had to get something so I could try out the new high-rez A/V features.

One last check at Amazon made me realize the price of BD wasn't going anywhere--but HD was dropping like a rock; and not just the hardware, but new/used titles were listing between $8-$15 (many from While I have no particular allegiance to either format, I decided that a new Toshiba HD-A35 (with 5 free movies) for $231 was going to be hard to beat...especially with the price of software I was finding on the net. My only allegiance is to quality playback and while HD may not be around for the foreseeable future, there is still plenty of catalog titles available that I could never even dream of owning. Paired with my Onkyo 885, this Toshiba has given me flawless bitstream performance--something I hoped to be getting from similarily priced (if even a little more) BD player.
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