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Default Re: Samsung Sued Over Blu-ray Players That Won't Play All Discs

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
Yes, kenny, you have been fortunate. But, even you have noted the inconsistencies with Blu-Ray, and you leaned for a while with HD DVD. Just because they did work. Now, we are left to contend with the issues of a format that came out to early, and still has issues. And to add, the companies are not letting us choose which format, they are making our minds up for us. I don`t know if I like that either.

weavercr, I hear you. I`m unpopular here because I do not believe it should be this hard, to just play a movie. At any point of time. And given the technology we do have before us today, it boggles my mind even further that we can not just push eject, load your dvd, push play and have your seat. So, Blu-Ray is the victor. Are we all now ready to deal with there issues on a regular basis now??

Forgetting for a moment, Blu-Ray versus HD-DVD, it is absolutely amazing that the consumers are expected to take an active role in maintaining the firmware of these players, the manufacturers should have got this right the first time!

I was going to suggest that each new Blu-Ray release come with an applet on the movie disc that checks the player firmware version and make the neccessary updates before playing back the movie... Opps, but now I remember that a certain company flooded a bunch of PC's with software designed to combat copyright infringments and we all know how that turned out!

Sheesh, we are in for it now, no choices and who is in control?

(cue the evil laughter sound bite)

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