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Default The Download Dilema

I have researched the web and found out several interesting things. At Wired they think that downloads will sink Bluray, at TechCrunch they say no way, the interesting thing at tech crunch is that they give a time line for downloads to succeed - between 2010 and 2020. Thats a two to 12 year time line - average will be what...6 years! I said in a post that physical media (not just Bluray) now has a life expectancy of about 5 years left. Deacongreg - if you want to know, the pre-in "prerich" actually stands for preacher. I truly believe with the post on music DRM, Bluray's greater protection scheme, ect. That the companies will eventually get rid of physical media and monitor their content like Big Brother. Big Brother is the way of the future. Can't we all see it? I can Look at the world lose a few freedoms for the sake of safety - thats the underlying theme. After a few people go to jail...they will suffer and bear with DRM, copy protetion, and the like. When they declare AnyDVD HD illegal - it comes off my machine. They can probrably poke aroung in my machine to see what I have! We just appointed a new Federal government position to seize computers - not for drugs and the like, but for music and illegal software! It's gettin' hot folks! Can anyone say Bluray, Computers, components with RFID Chips...that last past your store checkout? Hmmmmmmmmm?
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