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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by bgcat57 View Post
I'll switch to downloading (at a quality level equal to HD - not 'almost as good as') when it becomes commercially feasable. Right now the infrastructure needs to be created from the ground up. Memory and hardware that support it, needs to be BOTH cheap and available (even with typical historical advancements in electronic technology this is still very far off.)

I got HD DVD because it was both cheap and reliable. Even now that Blu-ray has won, I've still no intention of buying one until both those criteria are met. It doesn't seem like that's too close to happening. Now that there's no competition, the speed of those improvements will slow down. I see this as a year away from now. I can wait.
I will switch to downloading when it becomes available also. I was "purple" during the "war" a double agent if you will When Warner went Blu and Disney stopped putting out new product (What - no Incredibles in Blu?!!!), I stopped buying both formats. I was wondering - somethings afoot, somethings happening in the backround - waiting to reveal itself. Now that Bluray has won, I'm waiting for several things:

1. For more Mid to High-end CE's to put out more players. How about a seperates deal with a seperate DAC and Transport? Weltronics - AMC, you guys have been dead in the water but I can see you coming out with something like this - at an affordable rate

2. Clearence sale on HD-DVD media - its gotta happen.

3. Lower prices on BD media

4. Native BD support on Windows Vista and or XP (Windows Media player 12 anyone)? Microsoft's already designing a BD-addon for the XBOX-360 (the addon wasn't such a bad ideal after all, look out PS3)

5. Studios to spring the total protection thing to halt illegal copying (not the ICT), but aggressively supporting downloads because they will save money and control the content themselves, while providing the consumer usage rights. Steve Jobs already has all studios behind him on Apple TV2.

6. The death of physical media as we know it - Divx died because you bought a physical disc - for the same amount of money as a DVD but you were limited on how much you could play it. Downloads will be different. They will be assigned to a machine, Studios get their copy protection - people get there content...only where it was ment to be (no more sharing content - Studios hate this - they have always hated this, not only Movie studios but recording studios as well). That's the real war - what's happening in the audio industry is having a ripple affect in the Video industry. Strange winds are blowing - yes, strange winds.

P.S. All of these are not desires - they are all predictions. I'm seeing a move toward downloadable programs instead of box programs (look at Quicken and many gaming programs - they sell more by download than by the box) The only ones that would say are desires are 1-4. Downloads are only a matter of time. I WANT AMC to make that seperates unit though - (do you know how hard it is to win one of their tube CD players on Ebay? I lost one yesterday because I was in a hurry and didn't realize that I had reached the guys maximum bid - coulda won it - shoulda won it!!!!)

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