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Default Re: Is the recording industry trying to kill CD's?

Originally Posted by bekbob View Post
What are they thinking indeed. It truly boggles my mind when I see how they behave. I swear they want to kill the entire industry. It's the corporate version of watching Jimi or Janis or Jim or Kurt go down the tubes.

Do they really think consumers are going to forget about the iPod or never use their computer for music ever again? We'll just erase the mp3 from history and stop all further advancement. The industry has stumbled and screwed up for so long that you now have an entire generation of teens out there that have NO EXPERIENCE in paying for music. What a mess. How did they f**k it all up so badly?

DRM will kill music. Closed systems will kill it. Copy protection will kill it. Fair pricing and greater quality, greater flexibility and better interactivity could save it.

The CD should be killed, TOMORROW. It was obsolete a week after the DVD caught on. Now that we have blu-ray, we're onto the third optical disc generation. (many more so if you count mini-disc and SACD and DVD-A, all of which I own.) The CD is now a pathetic, obsolete joke. We may be laughing, but we're not buying.

Starting tomorrow, release only music on DVD or better. Because Sony killed DVD-A with yet another format war, just release it as high def PCM, DD 5.1, DTS. That's still far better than what CD offers. Have the DVDs graphical UI to show the tracks, liner notes lyrics, etc.

Most importantly, put a folder on every DVD with the mp3 files for your iPod / zune / car / whatever. Market the mp3 folder as the "low-res" portable files for you to take with you. Market the DVD files with the current buzz word, high def. Yes market it as high-def audio, consumers will understand that.

Or jump right to blu-ray if you want. Same thing, put a damn folder of mp3s on every disc for people to travel with. Market the main files as high-def audio. Have the graphical UI and bring back liner notes, lyrics and pictures on everyone's nice new HDTVs.

Charge $15 a disc and people WILL start buying their same old favorites all over again. With the included mp3 folders, there will be little or no ripping of the HD files. Yes there will be some trading of the mp3 files. Look at that as the new promotion, the new radio. It's the high-def music you'll be selling.

End the CD tomorrow. Then follow a path like this and you have a chance. Or don't and die.

p.s - drop the dual-disc or cd-dvd packs. the ONLY purpose of the CD side is to rip to mp3. just put the mp3 folder on the DVD and be done with it. then the masses will move away from ripping, which is what you want.
I don't know, I was told on a forum yesterday that because I support AnyDVD HD, I'm helping kill HD movies before the get to the masses (by bypassing HDCP so I can use multiple monitor) - isn't this like DRM? Isn't this copy protection? I'm saying this to make a point - this is what the industry is coming to. Mark my words - Remember we own no content only the rights to use said content as the owners see fit.
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