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Default Re: Is the recording industry trying to kill CD's?

Originally Posted by bekbob View Post
Starting tomorrow, release only music on DVD or better. Because Sony killed DVD-A with yet another format war, just release it as high def PCM, DD 5.1, DTS. That's still far better than what CD offers. Have the DVDs graphical UI to show the tracks, liner notes lyrics, etc.

Most importantly, put a folder on every DVD with the mp3 files for your iPod / zune / car / whatever. Market the mp3 folder as the "low-res" portable files for you to take with you. Market the DVD files with the current buzz word, high def. Yes market it as high-def audio, consumers will understand that.
Yeah, the music industry seem to be the only ones still sniffing glue! The only company I know that is doing what you suggest here is Monster with their Monster Music discs. I own all but the new Al Jareau one and they are fantastic discs (the Ray Charles Genius Loves Company is AWESOME) and they have MP3 files on them to directly import to your computer. This is a great idea, but yet another one the corporate bosses have shunned.

Seems the music business actually believes that CD made them rich, so it should keep them rich. I guess one day, when all the old codgers die away and are replaced by younger people, maybe we'll see this happen, or maybe they'll just sit back and watch the entire industry die off.....
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