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Default Re: Why don't Media Center PCs have Satellite Receiver Cards?

This is yet another area where closed systems and drm are hurting the consumer and killing the industry.

We're Bell ExpressVu Sat subscribers here in Canada. Same hardware as your Dish network.

I preferred sat over cable. Then I loved my PVR sat receiver. Then I loved my dual tuner HD PVR even more.

Now I rarely turn them on (maybe once a month). And I've downgraded my service accordingly. Just a few channels for my wife and my mother-in-law. I've upgraded my home to media servers and Vista MCE HTPCs at several locations. The sat receivers just don't connect. In the past I've tried integrating them with ir blasters and video capture cards, but that's a messy joke. I have an ATSC HD card in my HTPC that captures over the air HD just beautifully.

Bell / Dish should be making a system that integrates. I should be able to put one big dual or even quad tuner receiver - PVR in the basement or attic and then control and view the content anywhere in the house. It should have an ethernet and a USB port for media center integration. I should be able to access the PVR hard drive like a shared folder in media centre, or control the tuner completely via USB. We're not talking about a single chip of new technology. It's all possible today. The vendors are forced to keep their systems closed by the media providers.

You know how hard it is to run bulky RG-6 cable all over the house? And how wasteful it is to have 3 or 4 sat receivers or PVRs sucking power all the time when one central unit could do?

I'd love to welcome Bell back into my HTPC setup. But for now they are on the way out of my house entirely.
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