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Default Re: I am thinking of getting an Audiophile only server

I guess for me the one thing that has me going nutz over the whole music server thing is the total and complete lack of standardization.

I already have all my and my wifes CD's on HDs in AIFF (I'm a Mac guy) so totally uncompressed. I can, in theory convert them to anything I want at any time now, but many servers will not allow me to use or import these files to them.

If they could reach an agreement on a standard, all the problems would go away (granted all the market share for the high end guys might too but it would be great for me!)

For now, I will keep my simple computer based server for day to day casual listening. I really don't want to swap in and out all those discs again. I have already done it almost three times now, the first time I screwed up my computer early on and lost all the data, no big deal, only ~1-200 discs in by then. The second time I did it in MP3 @ 192k, OK, great for an iPod but not much else, so then I decided as HD space is so cheap to do it completely uncompressed and this is where I am now.

Just remembered I need to buy another external HD to back all this up to....
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