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Smile Re: Toshiba Finally Pulls Plug on HD DVD Format

I'm just glad it's over.
Yea, I lucked out & picked the "winning" format but this had to end for HDM to have a chance.
I'll hand it to Toshiba they didn't string it out as long as I thought they would.
I thought they'd hold on kicking & screaming to the bitter end.
It seems they would have liked it to go on a few more months to clear out stock but Wal-Mart busted them on that one.

This war should have ended last year but the pay off for Paramount & Dreamworks strung it out a while longer

I was shocked by this from the press conference this morning,
Q: How many HD DVD players and recorders, exactly, did you sell?
A: 600,000 players in the US and 300,000 Xbox 360 HD DVD drives. 100,000 units were sold in Europe. And about 10,000 players and 20,000 recorders in Japan. So about 1,030,000 units worldwide.

Only 600,000 players in the US & half of them were xbox 360 add ons, & just 1,030,00 units total world wide!
They never had a chance against all the PS3's out there.

I hope Blu-Ray can go on to get widespread acceptance so we can continue to get our movies in full 1080p & with lossless audio & not have to depend on watered down HD downloads.
I don't think Blu-Ray has to beat SD-DVD the same way they did hd-dvd, the DVD market is huge & with 25% of that total market I believe HDM will be big enough to survive a long time.

While some will hang on decrying how the better format lost & continuing to spin the hd-dvd party line most will just move on & start buying Blu-Ray.
So let's get over the war & just enjoy the HD goodness!
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