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Talking Microsoft lays an egg at GDC!

I'm guessing heads will roll for this one!

Click the link & check out the video, it's kinda funny!
From Engadget

Microsoft gets RRoD at GDC

Just days ago, we heard that Microsoft's Xbox 360 failure rate was at a staggering 16-percent. Not helping Redmond's cause in making you believe otherwise, one of the hand-picked machines used at the 2008 Game Developers Conference was actually suffering from the infamous Red Ring of Death. Comedic gold? Yes, indeed.

For the non gamers GDC is the Game Developers Conference, one of the most important gatherings for the video game industry.
The RRoD is the "Red Ring Of Death" that's the 3 red lights that show up when the Xbox 360 has "ceased to function", this is the failure that caused the huge Billion dollar warranty extension that Microsoft had to give the Xbox 360.

What were they thinking leaving this dead box on the show floor!?
Did they not think it would be bad when the news camera started filming it?

Also the RROD was supposed to be a problem with first generation Xbox 360's, perhaps the problem hasn't been solved.
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