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Default Re: Sony selling OLED sets @ Sony Style

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Ah,rlpiii, you might underestimate the power of my shopping addiction.....

Actually I wouldn't buy one as $2,499 for a small display? I don't care how good it looks, for $2,499 for an 11" monitor, it's less than 1/4th the size of my computer monitor, what the heck could I do with it??? Mount it on some sort of helmet?

Make it in 60" and I'd like one for the bedroom!
Hopefully your addiction follows some logic. . . buying an 11" screen for ~$2500 is ridiculous. . . . well I guess you could buy like 12 and piece them together to make a big screen. . . Even for $500, I have no idea what to use an 11" screen for. . . maybe set it up as a digital picture frame? . . . who knows. . .
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