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Default Re: Toshiba Finally Pulls Plug on HD DVD Format

Well put Jerry, the question to me is has bluray already lost in the big picture due to the fact they didn't unite when they had the chance in late 2005. All Toshiba wanted out of the gate was a 2.0 player and HDi. Sony CEO Stringer admits this in retrospect was a huge mistake. HP in am 11th hour attempt tried to get the BDA to accept HDi which has worked flawlessly to no avail on hddvd. So the bluray SAP consumers up till now with the exception of 1 model are stuck with obsolete players, movies that will not play, an association that will not guarantee playback of future titles and lawsuits galore as 1.1 and 2.0 titles hot the market. We have already seen class action lawsuits from angry consumers and 1.0 players and unplayable titles due to the ever changing BDJ interface. This will simply sour the mix even more. In the words of Stringer at CES " We have a lot of work ahead of us to get people to embrace bluray". Ain't that the truth.
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