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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by gstarr View Post
I think during the next decade there will still be a large market for disc sales. Many people like to "own" a solid product with a written insert. It seems and is a lot more "tangible". I even know a lot of people that do a lot of downloading music and when they hear something they really like they buy the disc.

Plus, gaming with discs will be around for quite awhile, not to mention the interactivity that will be on future Blu Ray discs.

There was an article on that spoke of "boxless gaming" (link was to toms hardware games no longer being sold but downloaded. It was very interesting - seeing my son (who has now moved out) download games to his Wii that he used to have. The POTC game online ect. Disc may be on their way out. I also work in instructional technology, we are steering away from disc and going for online training and downloadable content. It saves us heaps of money - not having to have a physical medium for over 10,000 PC's. It's also a better way of protection - software owners (the companies not the users) can immediately spot pirated software, or software not on the "right" PC. Movie studios will soon take advantage of this type of technology if it saves them money and protects their loaned content - I say loaned becasue we do not own any content - we just have the rights to use it in our homes - (Get the picture - specific PC's, specific homes - not for you to take to your friends house an enjoy - do we do this with OS's? - Same principle). It's coming - I don't know how soon, but I know it is. Disc will be out within 5 years - mark it. Hard drives as we know them will be leaving too - solid state is ramping up.

As I see it - eventually you will be able to carry your pc with you on something as small as a thumb drive - plug it into a PC "shell" and work from where ever - licences attached to the drive itself. That's scary - but people say I have a pesimsitic view. So if it doesn't happen I will just be surprised. - I stand by my optical disc call - 5 years. Heat mizer and Snow mizer ... I mean Apple and Microsoft are hard at work to make it happen.

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