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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by AudAdv View Post
The title of this thread is now awesomeness. It was only about a month ago that it was started, and now ... it is dead along with HD DVD.

All hail the king, long live Blu-Ray ... well at least until downloads ramp up and start delivering the same bit rates and picture quality as discs. ;-)
As I stated very early in this thread, studio support is key.
Still don't know why the leaders here failed to see that, but it is all a moot point now.

Downloads will be interesting to watch.
Apple does have all of the studios on board.
The real question becomes if it takes off as quickly as some here think it will.
After all what percentage of people with HD sets have an internet connection at the set?
If wireless N routers finally get their act together this year, they should start to sell.
(I'm now looking at one)
But a G wireless network will barely cut it with a HD stream now.
Again, lots of things need to happen to make this a seemless experience to the customer.
Will all of this happen before the 2008 holiday season?
That may turn out to be the real "HD download" question.

Who knows, in the end HD VOD may just be all that America wants anyway.
We will see. Has SD-VOD killed off DVD sales?
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