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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Who knows whether Apple pays more to studios for HD programming or not? Also, Apple generally uses far more server time on HD downloads. It is hard to discern what the extra costs are (or aren't) unless you are privy to the information.

I doubt anyone disagrees with the fact that Blu Ray came half-dressed to the party when launched, particularly in realtion to HD. The competition from, Toshiba HD format no doubt made them feel forced to put out something. I'm not saying that is good--it isn't. But anyone that doesn't read reviews of expensive items before purchasing them is their own worst enemy.

No doubt that the iPOD and MP3 crowd will probably download a lot of lossy video. That isn't the market that Blu Ray is after. They are after the market of people that want the best audio and video and feel that those that buy HDTV's and complain about the quality of video and even audio will be very motivated to get the best of both worlds.

For those that just want to "see and hear" something there is always dvd's and downloads. I guarantee that parents with young children won't go the download route, but will mostly go Blu Ray of their childrens favorites--as kids watch the same thing over and over again. Good biz for Disney (Pixar) and Dreamworks.

I have no doubt that Blu Ray will be successful now and it won't just be because of the "dinosaurs" and the luddites. Blu Ray will be in many new computers too. The computers with HD will probably have to cut prices.

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