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Default Re: HD DVD about to fight back...

Inside sources have confirmed that Toshiba's decision to exit the HDM business was made after Warner's initial announcement to support Blu-ray Disc, but that they were waiting to determine the most graceful exit strategy from the market place before making a public statement.

It should be clear which members have been posting from a desire to accurately represent industry events and which members have been continuing to push FUD to keep enthusiasts confused and mis-guided about the state of things.

I hope that everyone, regardless of their prior allegences, will be willing to move forward embracing a single-format HDM solution given that it's now been officiated. Those interested in now putting down the concept of disc-based HD media to continue their displeasure with Blu-ray Disc may want to create another forum (perhaps a category for discussion on this forum) to discuss their views so the rest of the HT community can embrace HDM and enjoy fruitful conversation.

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