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Default Re: Are servers the new media?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
Aiport Expresses are only 802.11g, which is goo enough unless I use too much of the bandwidth on other things. For my casual listening it's great, all files are in AIFF on a huge internal HD and backed up on one soon to be two external HD's.
Hmm. I thought you had the new Airport Extremes which are 802.11n, but fall back to 802.11g (and prior slower versions of the standard) to interoperate with other older equipment.

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
How long did it take? Forever! I started this process on my older G4 Mac, and with some poor quality discs I had input times of 0.6x real time! (granted these discs are really in bad shape but...) Recently Ive been getting 16-18x input speed, so it's going faster on the new Mac Pro, but even at that speed, it takes a while and you have to keep swapping out discs every few minutes so you are either tied to your computer or like me it took over a month of gradual imports.
My kids are in the process of destroying most of my media, so I bought a hand-held electric polisher. It works, but the most severe scratches have to be removed by hand, using the small polishing pads. I have considered going to the music store and buying a brass instrument polishing cloth that contains the rouge (having played the trumpet for many years) and seeing if it works as well on some samples of optical media that I don't care if they fail. A commercial multi-stage polisher would be cool, but costs too much for me.
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