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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by prerich View Post
Downloads will initially get computer geeks like me and the 20 somethin' crowd. Geeks have a way of making things go and so do youngsters (can anyone say Ipod, Iphone? I don't get it, I saw my son watching a movie on his "superphone" and wondered how he could watch a movie on that little screen like that and enjoy it - with inferior sound at that). That's just whats happening. We have several here on this forum that are eagerly awaiting downloads for their convenience factor. I don't rent as many movies from Blockbuster or even Netflix now. I just watch a movie on demand - and determain if its worth buying. It's a good way of auditioning a movie before you buy it.
You and your fellow geek friends are the market that is going to drive downloads and make them the next "big thing." And downloads will finally kill off the silver discs.

Only the dinosaurs here in this forum will keep promoting the virtues of the silver disc, and I suppose they will never give them up. But one day, just like LaserDiscs, Elcassetes, Mini-Disks, and numerous other formats, silver discs will end up in the giant garbage heap of obsolete, discarded, and/or failed consumer electronics formats. [OK, maybe they will shrink down to a very tiny, marginal market like vinyl LP's currently are]

At least you have the foresight here to recognize and accept this inevitable march of technology and progress.

Many here do not and they are the dinosaurs of which I speak. And we all know what happened to the dinosaurs.
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