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Question Re: My Toshiba XA2 is frozen

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
From the Arstechnica story,
Netflix and Wal-Mart were aware of HD DVD's impending official death, and rather than allow a long and drawn out withdrawal from the market that could burn customers, those companies chose to broadcast their intentions to the marketplace immediately. This puts pressure on Toshiba and its partners to exit the business without spending months trying to unload product that's essentially already obsolete.

I doubt a company that was trying to dump their stock before announcing they were pulling out is going to have any kind of trade in plan.
Its just the right thing to do. Spike Lee "Do The Right Thing"? This whole time I`ve been looking at the big picture. Okay, Blu-Ray wins. Now what. What will this do to our already non-trusting customer base. Are we to expect a resurgence in HD Blu-Ray machine sales? Introduce the mainstream to slow load up times, firmware updates, movies that will not play, do we really want to introduce them to this, especially after HD DVD dying? Really?

Blu-Ray was not ready to be launched, now its here, and still dealing with issues. That is why I have maintained, yeah, its cool we will now have one format, but all the mess that was created, has left another group of people burned again. Are we moving forward, or backward. Blu-Ray at best, is an incomplete product. With, of all things, the game console, the ole` SONY PS3 being the most reliable of all the units, in my opinion, when you consider everything.
So gentlemen, where does all this leave as now, and the marketplace?
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