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Default Re: My Toshiba XA2 is frozen

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post

Looks like we have and end to the format war. Have you heard from Toshiba, as to what they plan to do with owners of Toshiba HD DVD players? Do you think they will allow a trade to the Blu-Ray player of your choice?
From the Arstechnica story,
Netflix and Wal-Mart were aware of HD DVD's impending official death, and rather than allow a long and drawn out withdrawal from the market that could burn customers, those companies chose to broadcast their intentions to the marketplace immediately. This puts pressure on Toshiba and its partners to exit the business without spending months trying to unload product that's essentially already obsolete.

I doubt a company that was trying to dump their stock before announcing they were pulling out is going to have any kind of trade in plan.
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