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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Originally Posted by 1shotstudios View Post
I got this news today in my email and was just checking to see if anyone has heard that the format war is really over? Is blue-ray the winner? Is HD-DVD really stopping production? View the link for details.
As of this morning CNN states that Toshiba's annoncement is forthcoming - the "war" is over. But really, think about it - no real causalities for those who got into HD-DVD on the cheap - good upconverter, especially for those with large DVD collections (I wouldn't buy all of my DVD's over again in either format - only new stuff and Disney stuff - with the exception of the 10 Commandments and Ben-Hur). I got into Blu-ray on the cheap also (189.00-pc model). Now I will wait and see if software prices will fall (I haven't bought any HD software since Christmas - nothing I really wanted to see - seems like Disney stopped puttiing things out after Christmas but, when the National Treasure movies come out - those are must buys for me - clean, exciting - with no f-bombs - personal preference).

P.S. for everyone that does the PC thing - you can rip your BD's to your HDD and play the .mt2 files back in Windows Media Player 11.
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