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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

Let me put this into perspective. Many of us waited for the bluray launch to get a player since they did have more studio support. My first HDM player was bluray. I would have waited till Dec. instead of June if they would have bothered to launch a complete product out of the gate which everyone assumed was the case from day one as 99% of products are launched with specs completed. The **** poor product out the gate is what caused me and many others to switch.

I feel bad for those that paid $1000-$1500 for a new player and will come to find even firmware upgrades will not allow them to play future titles due to how rapidly the BDJ interface has changed.

This association is the master of spin

Why did you launch an incomplete product?

We had no choice, hddvd was launching with a full spec and fullbackward compatibility!!

Why do your initial titles look so bad?

It is the Samsung DNR chip in that player and it is reducing the resolution to that of an upconverted dvd. There is nothing wrong with our masters and they look fantastic.

Why won't you guarantee compatibility of 1.0 players and future titles?

The consumer knew what he was getting into!

If these companies do not stand behind their product and make sure of compatability with all future(I realize the PIP, web stuff won't play but the title needs to) titles they deserve to get their asses sued off!!!
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