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Default Re: Are servers the new media?

Aiport Expresses are only 802.11g, which is goo enough unless I use too much of the bandwidth on other things. For my casual listening it's great, all files are in AIFF on a huge internal HD and backed up on one soon to be two external HD's.

How long did it take? Forever! I started this process on my older G4 Mac, and with some poor quality discs I had input times of 0.6x real time! (granted these discs are really in bad shape but...) Recently Ive been getting 16-18x input speed, so it's going faster on the new Mac Pro, but even at that speed, it takes a while and you have to keep swapping out discs every few minutes so you are either tied to your computer or like me it took over a month of gradual imports.
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