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Default Re: Amps for dummies

A ground-loop induced hum can come from any single ended source, and that is one of the problems with most receivers - all those single ended connections and not enough balanced inputs. In RLPIII's case I believe we got rid of most of the noise by providing a separate lower impedance path to a common grounding point on the receiver chassis for each of the power amps, than was possible though the interconnects. If I recall correctly, there was also a bit of shot (white) noise coming from the preamp output stage of the receiver too. RLPIII's Halcro was much quieter on all fronts.

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Ground hums can happen in any system, they are not specific to receiver/amp systems. I have even had my cable be the cause of these from improper grounding as the main cable box for a multi unit building.

Just to also clarify, the idea of adding amps to a receiver is a stepping stone, more than an ends though for some it is sufficient.
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