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Default Re: HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot

last week i have a bad discussion with another member for this forum and disafortunately that person couldn't keep a distance for coherency discussion about hd dvd is suppose a fellow ranger' hey buddy' i think you lost about hd dvd but i tell you hd dvd is supposed closed in japan the plant the bluray is win virtually toshiba lost $100.000.000 bill to built the hd dvd machine and the software is completley stop to recording is not available to sale how about that, i'm sorry for the rest of the prestigious forum but this guy is suppose a fellow ranger is lost forever,and one more thing 'i will active so many deploy around the world and i know a infantery and i tell you is not a looks like but i do to sucess job ok and next time to try to insult a fellow ranger you disgrase the good name a RANGER one of the RANGER values do not disrespect to another fellow ranger,and remember 'RANGERS LEAD THE WAY' ok how about that.
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