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Default Re: Are servers the new media?

Well, I am finally finishing loading all my and my wifes discs onto the HD, I will keep two copies of it backed up in separate places (total cost, well almost nothing nowadays) and will train her in my simple Aiport express server system (I have other ways of streaming, but her computer is close by and she has figured out iTunes so...)

From here on out it will only be necessary to upload discs as I buy them.

I currently keep all my hard media in large 'books' of them and the front cover info, it really saves on space especially with nuge #'s of CD's. I would love to do this with all my movies as well, and likely will soon.

For me, my server is key, I will keep my actual media for ultra critical listening, but when I am cooking or just hanging with friends, I really don't need to have to change discs, and this is the key.

I have always sayed convienence is the king of reasons to upgrade formats, and to me the music server is a HUGE jump in convienence....

Few more discs and it is all over except the obligatory new back up and third coppy....
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